December 20, 2012

Gwen Stefani para Vogue US

La primer portada de Vogue 2013 o como toda fashionista la llama "La biblia de la moda", tendra como figura a Gwen Stefani. Aparte de ser la bellisima cantante de No doubt también es diseñadora de modas, su marca L.A.M.B, la inició en 2011, según ella porque sabia que su carrera musical en algún momento iba a llegar a su final. Quien lo imaginaria no?, con lo talentosa que es y la hermosisima voz que tiene.

Gwen Stefani fue fotografiada por Annie Leibovitz y lució la nueva colección Spring 2013 de Heidi Slimane para Saint Laurent, con zapatos de su propia marca L.A.M.B.

Diganme si no es una portada bellisima, a mi opinión una de mis portadas favoritas de VOGUE US.

The first cover of Vogue 2013 or like every fsahionista call it "The fashion bible", is for Gwen Stefani. Besides she´s the gorgeous singer of No Doubt, is also a fashion designer for L.A.M.B, clothing line she started in 2011, because according to her, at some point her music career will come to an end. Who could imagine it right?. she´s so talented and has a gorgeous Voice. 

Gwen Stefani was photograph by Annie Leivobitz and she was wearing the new Saint Laurent collection by Heidi Slimane for Spring 2013 and shoes of her own clothing line L.A.M.B.

Is a beautiful cover right?, you tell me. From my point of view one of my favorites covers of  VOGUE US.  



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  1. I usually like her originality but I'm not loving this look.

    I love that you included Annie Leibovitz took the photos. She's one of my idols. My fav is the candid shot of the band and how Gwen is to the side by herself as she has been for some years now before reuniting with the band.


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